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Patient services




At Vetplus, we not only take care of your pet's well-being, but also prevent the appearance of new diseases. Regular visits, veterinary diets, tests, vaccinations and external and/or internal deworming are essential for good health.




The VetPlus veterinary clinic has a perfectly equipped operating room in which work is carried out under the highest safety and sterility conditions.
Our operating room has inhalation anaesthesia which provides great safety and makes our patients wake up in a few minutes. The interventions we carry out are based on sterilisations, abdominal, traumatological and ophthalmological surgeries. We also perform any surgery, and mouth cleanings with ultrasound equipment to achieve good dental hygiene, avoiding the appearance of tartar on the teeth.




X-Rays are a highly important diagnostic method in the veterinary field.
The animal must remain still while the digital image is taken (two projections will always be made). In most of these studies, a lateral image and another ventro-dorsal image will be performed. The result obtained is discussed at the same visit, although there may be cases in which a specialist is required for the diagnosis of the patient.
The latest addition to the VetPlus veterinary clinic is high-quality, high-resolution digital radiography.




Blood tests are essential for the diagnosis and control of many diseases.
They also serve to monitor the animal with pathology, in geriatric or control dogs in health plans.
Analyses are fundamental in pre-anesthetics. We have analyzers in the clinic itself to do the analyses at the same time and rapid tests for leishmania and other diseases.




Useful for detecting pregnancies and pathologies of the internal organs. Ultrasound makes it easier to get to know the inside, and it is also a non-invasive method.




We offer a set of services intended for the hospitalisation of patients for their diagnosis, recovery and/or treatment. The infrastructure of the VetPlus clinic allows for personalised monitoring of each type of pet. Always demanding the maximum guarantees for their correct recovery. (Hospitalisation will be during the day).


Hair Salon


All pets that pass through the groomer will receive a complete medical examination by a veterinarian beforehand, at no additional cost.




We specialise in prescription food for both dogs and cats. Prescription diets are used to feed pets suffering from diseases such as kidney or heart failure, skin problems, allergies, intolerances, etc.
These pathologies need control and specific treatment, as well as a feed with veterinary control.
We also have a wide range of feed, such as Gosbi: both its prescription range and its nutritional supplements.