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The veterinary team at VetPlus

Robert Pomar García, Veterinarian


Degree in Veterinary Medicine from the UAB, 1990. He has been the director of the VetPlus clinic since 1992.
He is a member of AVEPA and has always been dedicated to veterinary medicine.

He is in constant training, has attended many congresses and scientific meetings, such as AMVAC.

He has also participated in different courses in cardiology, anaesthesia, surgery, digestive system, ethology...

Regina Daza López, Veterinary Assistant


She carries out work related to the formation of the ATV title and has experience at VetPlus since 2004.

Regina performs tasks at the veterinary clinic in administration, public service, veterinary assistance and operating room support. In addition, she has numerous continuing education courses and seminars.

Laura Gutierrez Calderon, Veterinarian


She studied at the University of Amazonia (Colombia, 2018). In addition, she has completed the advanced course on small animal surgery.

She currently works as a veterinary assistant with extensive experience in the visit, hospitalisation and surgery of small pets.
She has a great aptitude and attitude towards customer service. In addition, she also shows a great ability towards new technologies.

She is characterised by being an efficient, attentive, responsible person with a positive character.

Jordi Fontanet, Specialist in Traumatology


Degree in Veterinary Medicine from the UAB, 1990.

He has more than 20 years of experience. He has also attended numerous courses and seminars, such as the day of traumatology (1997), the AVEPA veterinary traumatology seminar (1998-1999), the theoretical-practical update course on knee and non-anchored waist prostheses in the SECOT, the theoretical-practical day of the lower limb (shoulder-carpal) (2007).

He has participated in the national publication for the magazine of small animals. The article on support technology for the luxation correction of the patella stands out.

Francesc Bertroli Mota, Specialist in Ophthalmology


Degree in Veterinary Medicine from the UAB, 1989. Diploma in Ophthalmology 2000. He dedicates a large part of his professional activity to the study and treatment of ocular pathologies.

He has been a speaker in national ophthalmology courses, among which we can highlight the Ocular Microsurgery and Keratopathies course.
Currently his activity focuses on the area of ​​cataract and corneal surgery.


-UAB: Autonomous University of Barcelona.
-AVEPA: Association of Spanish Veterinarians Specialists in Small Animals.
-AMVAC: Madrid Association of Animal Veterinarians.
-ATV: Veterinary Technical Assistant.
-SECOT: Spanish Seniors for Technical Cooperation.